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Featured Video Interviews

Watch: Mindy Stadel
- Pivot Health

(2 Minutes 16 Seconds)

Watch: Joe Clairmont
- Dell Will Customs Brokers

(4 Minutes 30 Seconds)

Watch: Kari Crawley
- Informa Research Services

(2 Minutes 38 Seconds)

Watch: Cody Prindle & Kit Long - John Crane Production Solutions

(4 Minutes 48 Seconds)

Watch: Dick Stutz
- Lodeso, Inc.

(3 Minutes 20 Seconds)

Watch: Zach Meiborg
- Meiborg Brothers, Inc.

(4 Minutes 48 Seconds)

Case Studies


Faster, Web-Based, Customized

How Ticomix created a web-based, automated and modern-looking tracking system.



From Outdated to Modern

How Ticomix updated an ERP platform while maintaining client’s old system for functionality.



Fully Integrated with CRM

How we created an in-house web portal that fully integrated with client’s CRM.



New Client-Facing Application

How we completely rebuilt the client’s application and integrated it with over 10 of their vendors.


Featured Testimonials from NPS Surveys

“I consider them a partner. Joe is great to work with, and I thought he did a great job when he went through discovery of manufacturing process back in Oct/Nov. Even in our confusing mix of custom systems, there hasn’t been a problem that they couldn’t handle. More often than not, they are accessible & reply quickly to emails.”

–MIKE (Jewelry Store, Woodstock, IL)

“Great service and friendly, knowledgeable people!”

–MARK (Sheet Metal Contractor, Rockford, IL)

WATCH: Tim Ancona on Customer Service

What does good customer service mean to Ticomix?

Tim explains that we don’t really want “satisfied customers,” but Raving Fans. He also explains how we use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure our success. (3 minutes)

“Exceeded all expectations.”

–JOSEPH (Auto Parts Retailer, Grover Beach, CA)

“David K. and the rest of the team is great to work with.”

–SCOTT (Non-Profit Organization, Denver, CO)

“David came up with an amazing final innovation in the form of an Outlook plug-in which will dramatically improve our process. Can’t wait to see this all come together!”

–EVAN (Media Company, Los Angeles, CA)

“Good customer service, response to issues and very good technical knowledge.”

–JEFF (Retirement Community, Rockford, IL)

“Michael Seuring is always prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous. The work that the team does is complete and on time.”

–KURT (Payroll Company, St. Petersburg, FL)

“I will recommend you because of the fast response and you fix the issue fast.”

–JUAN (Metal Fabricator, Rockford, IL)

“Adam Faber’s understanding of business processes and his ability to project problems and time saving possibilities with data base design is exceptional. He is a superior project manager.”

–GUY (Medical Clinic, Rockford, IL)

“The Ticomix development team has been easy to work with and to discuss ideas regarding an application’s requirements, development, testing and implementation.”

–CINDY (Government Agency, Washington, D.C.)

“Best group of people I have had the pleasure to deal with. So professional and proficient at what they do.”

–ROBIN (Labor Union, Rockford, IL)

“Great service and response times. Works for best solution for any size company. We are small but feel that we are just as important as your larger customers. Thank you!”

–LAURA (Business Development Service, Roscoe, IL)

“Excellent company to work with. Amazing staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable.”

–LIANA (Business Management Consulting, Bayonne, NJ)

“Prompt and professional service. Thank you.”

–MIKE (Metal Finishing Company, Rockford, IL)

“It’s always a delight to work with Don as he knows our system and gets it fixed promptly.”

–ROBIN (Aerospace company, Burlington, WI)

“I am a raving fan!”

–STEVE (Nationwide Hearing Care Company, Columbus, OH)

“Appreciate all that Ticomix always does for our business!! you guys ROCK!”

–RACHEL (Health Service Provider, Rockford, IL)

“Did great work – would do a 10.”

–CHUCK (Industrial Equipment Manufacturer, Rockford, IL)

“Our company has only been with Ticomix for a short time and in that time, Ticomix was able to resolve an issue we have had for quite a while. We are very pleased with your service.”

–JULIE (Non-profit Organization, Rock Island, IA)

“Great Service!”

–MARK (Steel Fabricator, Woodstock, IL)

“You were very helpful restoring our database.”

–JOHN (Midwest-based Restaurant Chain, Berwyn, IL)

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