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“Fast, quality, solutions from experts who know what they are talking about.”

–DAN (School District, Marengo, IL)

“Love your customer service!!”

–LINDA (Machinery Services, Loves Park, IL)

“We are so happy with the service that your company provides. Don’t know what we would do without Joe and his team.”

SYLVIA (Human Resources Company, Irvine, CA)

“Great service and quick resolution of our issues!”

ELLEN (Well Drilling Company, Lannon, WI)

WATCH: Tim Ancona on Customer Service

What does good customer service mean to Ticomix?

Tim explains that we don’t really want “satisfied customers,” but Raving Fans. He also explains how we use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure our success. (3 minutes)

“It’s hard to find a company who actually has staffed itself with people who are dedicated to their work and truly enjoy what they do. Ticomix has definitely succeeded at putting together a great team.”

–CHRIS (Software Company, Mineola, NY)

“Service is fast and they make us happy!”

–TERRY (Property Management Company, Oconomowoc, WI)

“Highly capable and professional staff.”

–GUY (Medical Clinic, Rockford, IL)

“Always thorough, always responsive, always complete, and always accurate.”

–KURT (Payroll Company, St. Petersburg, FL)

“It is still very early in our project, but the effort the team has put in, to understand our business, is pushing us to make meaningful decisions and put us on a path to success.”

–JARED (Technology Company, Madison, WI)

“Great response time.”

–KIT (Logistics Company, Midland, TX)

“The team at Ticomix works hard to resolve any issues we may have.”

–CATHY (School, Belvidere, IL)

“You guys rock!”

–TINA (Nephrologist, Rockford, IL)

“Our tech Jonathan is super helpful and quick to help. I love dealing with him, and the rest of Ticomix.”

–CARLYE (Truck Dealer, Waukesha, WI)

“The service from your team has been excellent. With the help@ticomix we get quick responses and the people at Ticomix have been gracious and helpful. Thank you!!”

–KATHY (Metal Imports, Rockford, IL)

“When I have issues with technology, I send an email and get a response back that day or first thing the next morning. All my issues have be resolved. Staff members are friendly and very helpful.”

–REBECCA (School, Elizabeth, IL)

“Ticomix is the best around. They are very responsive. They are local. They are very educated and up-to-date on technology. You can’t go wrong!”

–TRICIA (Office Supply Store, Rockford, IL)

“We appreciate all your assistance with the lovely Windows 10 update that had most of us down for hours. Thank you for your diligence.”

–RAINA (Manufacturer, Wauwatosa, WI)

“Always very quick to help and resolve our issues and friendly employees!”

–HEATHER (Ambulance Service, Loves Park, IL)

“Service has been great. Anything that I have needed, someone was there to help me.”

–BRANKO (Surgeon, Racine, WI)

“You guys are the only vendor I have that I can explain my problems to and you bring me solutions. You are SO easy to work with, I love it.”

–ZACH (Trucking Company, Rockford, IL)

“Ticomix was accommodating during contracting process. The process on our end (the client) was chaotic at times. The project manager was easy to work with and asked all the right questions. A project to replace an existing application was done well and our end users, after a year, have needed assistance only once.”

–JONATHAN (City Department, New Milford, IL)

“Ticomix has been great to work with, I appreciate the quick resolve—all the time!”

–KERRIE (Labor Union, Belvidere, IL)

“Quick response to issues. Excellent communication as to what was done or what needs to be done.”

–SUE (Retirement Community, Rockford, IL)

“Matt Boeckner is the ideal partner to work with.”

–JAKE (Health Services Provider, Rockford, IL)

“Terry was great; on the spot, and helped so quick—it was so welcome!”

–CINDY (Financial Planner, Brookfield, WI)

“Great team of service-oriented, technically skilled professionals.”

–TOM (Healthcare Provider, Hyannis, MA)

“As I’ve noted before, Chris H. and his team, specifically Mark V. and Jon Z., have met and exceeded all of our needs and expectations. It’s like having our own in-house IT team. The team is very conscientious of the way we operate and is able to tailor solutions to meet our needs without going overboard or being ‘pushy.'”

–MATT (Medical Services, Columbus, WI)

“Ticomix was accommodating during contracting process. The process on our end (the client) was chaotic at times. The project manager was easy to work with and asked all the right questions. A project to replace an existing application was done well and our end users, after a year, have needed assistance only once.”

–ADMINISTRATOR (Government Agency, Washington, D.C.)

“Ticomix has treated us very well over the last 12 years that I have been using them. David Achilli and Chad Beaty are the best!!!! Do whatever you have to do to keep them with Ticomix.”

–NANETTE (Lawyer, Rockford, IL)

“Expedient response and resolution to any issue we experienced with 100% success! Couldn’t ask for better Customer service!”

–BRIAN (Swimming Pool Contractor, Loves Park, IL)

“Chad Beaty is our rep, and he has great customer service skills, and is very prompt with his service for us.”

–DARIN (Ambulance Service, Loves Park, IL)

“Every person I’ve had the pleasure to work with at Ticomix has been knowledgeable and friendly. Whether it be in sales, admin or development, every person you speak to there will know how to get the job done or get you to the person to do it. I would recommend them to anyone for any job, small or large.”

–STEPHANIE (HR Company, Irvine, CA)

“When we were running into issues, or had some last minute requests to meet a timeline on a project, Ticmoix’s tech resources were very responsive and helpful to meet our needs.”

–SANDY (Logistics Company, Zeeland, MI)

“Excellent crew to work with! Everyone works together, keeping the project on track and heading towards a finished product!”

–CHRIS (Law Firm, New York, NY)

“You have a good team, and we feel valued as customers.”

–DARREN (Healthcare Provider, Rockford, IL)

“Always a phone call away…and quick to solve concerns. Thank you, Tim.”

–MARIE (Real Estate Agency, Milwaukee, WI)

“Really appreciate the quick service when I need it!”

–JEFF (Manufacturing Services, Machesney Park, IL)

“I love my Ticomix IT Department.”

–ELIZABETH (Manufacturer, Rockford, IL)

“Awesome people!! Excellent Service!!”

–MARK (Manufacturer, Rockford, IL)

“They’ve been very responsive to our needs and we look forward to making some headway on the milestones we’ve outlined and reviewed.”

–ADAM (Business Services, Wellesley, MA)

“We receive timely and accurate assistance when needed.”

–BOB (Distributor, Cincinnati, OH)

“BILL IS WONDERFUL! He is always communicating about the project and has always listened to my feedback.”

–HEATHER (Funeral Home, Des Moines, IA)

“We greatly appreciate the help that Ticomix provides us.”

–BRAD (Manufacturer, Rockford, IL)

“Quick response, quick resolution of problems… Did I mention resolution of problems? Excellent.”

–MARK (Manufacturer, Rockford, IL)

“Every encounter with staff from Ticomix is a positive one!”

–MINDY (Government Office, Phoenix, AZ)

“I can never thank you enough for all the support that you have given our office over many years! Everyone is helpful, kind, and prompt. I highly recommend Ticomix.”

–PATTY (Medical Practice, Rockford, IL)

“Matt Boeckner is the best! :)”

–ROSA (Medical Clinic, Rockford, IL)

“Dean, Matt, Nick and Chuck provide me the best service and I really appreciate their effort.”

–JEFF (Manufacturer, Rockford, IL)

“Chad Beaty makes this answer easy. He always goes above and beyond to help us. We are very thankful for him!”

–ERINN (Software Company, Schaumburg, IL)

“Satisfied with the service and response. Always a pleasant experience with your staff…”

–LISA (Manufacturer, Cleveland, OH)

“We have used a lot of different IT companies. Ticomix is by far the best and Jason is great!”

–KIM (Retirement Community, Rockford, IL)

“Your team has been there for us every time we’ve asked. Didn’t matter the time of day. Thank you.”

–DAVE (Engineering Consultant, Rockford, IL)

“Exceptional response by the entire Ticomix organization.”

–ROBERT (Law Office, Wauwatosa, WI)

“Terry is the best!”

–MARLENE (Staffing Company, Cedarburg, WI)

“Mark did a wonderful job helping me out on my problems, he knows your product and other software packages extremely well. He also took the time to explain what he was doing so I could follow along. That is great support and easy to recommend to someone else. Thanks.”

–JAMEN (Construction Company, Elmhurst, IL)

“Ticomix has also been on top of things for me when I have had an issue. They have helped me in urgent matters with out hesitation.”

–SHERRIE (Boating Instructor, Rockford, IL)

“Your technicians are always knowledgeable and very polite.”

–JENNIFER (Manufacturer, Rockford, IL)

“Chris and the team have been fantastic to work with. We appreciate the responsiveness and Chris’s willingness to give us options and talk through the ‘geek’ stuff with us that we would typically not understand.”

–PAUL (Staff Recruiting Company, Brookfield, WI)

“Our remote VOIP deployment went extremely well. I was concerned because usually there are many questions, but Dean did a swell job of prepping Nick. Combined with Nick’s capabilities, the deployment was timely with zero follow-up fixes necessary. Kudos!”

–TIM (Trucking Company, Pleasant Prairie, WI)

“Our ServiceNow Go-Live went exceedingly well. We will continue working with Aptris as we become more proficient with ServiceNow and incorporate more advanced applications and functionality.”

–RICH (Hospital, Hyannis, MA)

“Great group of people to work with! Our experience has been top notch.”

–ERIC (Manufacturer, Schofield, WI)

“Always get top notch customer service!!!!”

–MARK (Steel Fabricator, Woodstock, IL)

“Always very responsive to any questions or concerns. We are extremely happy with the service and expertise of the entire staff.”

–LAURA (Manufacturer, Roscoe, IL)

“…your team has taken on a project that’s literally taken us 10 years to conceive. Their attention to detail and (particularly David Knoup’s) ability to process minutiae has been an inspiration.”

–EVAN (Media Company, Studio City, CA)

“Great company to work with. Customer service always quick and intelligent.”

–RANDY (Manufacturer, Waukesha, WI)

“Very knowledgeable and professional. Quick response time and very pleasant to work with!”

–MARY (Landscaping Supply Company, Cordova, IL)

“I’ve been very happy with our sales and implementation teams, and plan to continue leveraging both as resources.”

–RICH (Hospital, Hyannis, MA)

“Good customer service, response to issues and very good technical knowledge.”

–JEFF (Retirement Community, Rockford, IL)

“Great service and friendly, knowledgeable people!”

–MARK (Sheet Metal Contractor, Rockford, IL)

“…I have been very happy with Chris Howard for several years as he is very dedicated to supporting our operational needs.”

–ANDY (Printing Machine Supplier, Brookfield, WI)

“I would recommend the Milwaukee Ticomix team for their ability to solve problems. We are working through issues continually and finding new ways to help employees use technology efficiently.”

–SHANNON (Property Management Company, Milwaukee, WI)

“Have always had immediate responses when there are any type of issues. Even if a resolution takes a while, at least I know it is being worked on.”

–ANN (Industrial Equipment Supplier, Jackson, WI)

“My recent experiences with Ticomix (Chris, Dean & Shawn) were stellar! Thank you.”

–ROD (Middle School, Roscoe, IL)

“Best group of people I have had the pleasure to deal with. So professional and proficient at what they do.”

–ROBIN (Labor Union, Rockford, IL)

“Every interaction our company has had with Ticomix has been awesome. Your employees really make everything seem so easy and have our issues smoothed out in no time!”

–ERIS (Manufacturer, Hebron, IL)

“You guys nailed it. Thanks!”

–TOM (Communications, Rockford, IL)

“Staff just responded this morning with a big THUMBS UP! All looks good and they are pleased with the changes. (Amen!) Thanks for all your help with this change.”

–DEB (Property Association, Lake Carroll, IL)

“In a crisis, Ticomix is always there.”

–REID (Fireplace Store, Milwaukee, WI)

“Great service and response times. Works for best solution for any size company. We are small but feel that we are just as important as your larger customers. Thank you!”

–LAURA (Business Development Service, Roscoe, IL)

“Chuck and David have represented us well and been supportive to us.”

–KATHY (Sheet Metal Contractor, Belvidere, IL)

“As he always does…Jason Holcomb took care of us very quickly.”

–MIKE (Sheet Metal Contractor, South Beloit, IL)

“In my two experiences with requesting help from Ticomix I was highly pleased. The tech was very helpful and polite and was able to fix my problems.”

–TANYA (Real Estate Services, Bellaire, TX)

“Excellent company to work with. Amazing staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable.”

–LIANA (Business Management Consulting, Bayonne, NJ)

“Always professional and prompt to fulfill our service requests. Thanks.”

–DEB (Recreation Center, Lanark, IL)

“Ticomix always does an excellent job of taking care of our issues.”

–KERRIE (Auto Workers Union, Belvidere, IL)

“Chuck Cuthbertson is an amazing resource. I had acquired a virus on my laptop and he was diligent in finding a solution so that I did not loose any data.”

–DENISE (Foundation, Rockford, IL)

“Ticomix is always quick to respond and help us with our computer problems. Not having an IT person on-staff has not been an inconvenience because our Ticomix rep stops into our office once a week and takes care of what we need. If something goes awry before or after he’s been to visit, we can count on quick support via phone, email, or another impromptu visit.”

–KARRI (Printer Manufacturer, Brookfield, WI)

“Great service. Quick call back. Within 30 minutes, my program was back up and running correctly.”

–GREG (Realtor, Loves Park, IL)

“Chris worked with me to resolve an Avast antivirus issue that conflicted with my tax program. He devoted time to help me even though it was on short notice. AND he resolved my problem. Thanks.”

–PAT (Business Accounting Firm, Indianapolis, IN)

“Mark was fabulous…walked me through the issue that I was having and showed me how to fix it if I ever have this issue in the future! Thank you.”

–DAVE (Laboratory, Loves Park, IL)

“Chuck quickly solved my problem.”

–DEAN (Prison, Freeport, IL)

“Angelina has been wonderful to work with! She’s been accommodating, professional and very friendly with our staff and residents. We look forward to a long working relationship!”

–MEGAN (Retirement Community, Rockford, IL)

“Very helpful in taking the time to fix any issues we may have.”

–DANA (Financial Services Company, Fort Worth, TX)

“Prompt and professional service. Thank you.”

–MIKE (Metal Finishing Company, Rockford, IL)

“I’ve recently worked with Ticomix on several different projects… they provide incredible customer service.”

–EMILY (Investment Management Company, Chesterfield, MO)

“It’s always a delight to work with Don as he knows our system and gets it fixed promptly.”

–ROBIN (Aerospace company, Burlington, WI)

“Chet has done a tremendous job creating our IT Service Delivery reports, putting up with ever changing requirements, and most importantly, putting up with me . . . It’s one thing to have a partner deliver what’s asked, it’s another to share his expertise with the customer. I’d highly recommend Chet to anyone that would ask.”

–JEREMY (International Law Firm, Chicago, IL)

“Jason Holcomb walked into a mess and did a great job of getting us set up.”

–LARRY (Office Products Company, Rockford, IL)

“Your assistance was invaluable and we could not have upgraded HEAT without your help!”

–JILL (International Law Firm, New York, NY)

“I am a raving fan!”

–STEVE (Nationwide Hearing Care Company, Columbus, OH)

“Appreciate all that Ticomix always does for our business!! you guys ROCK!”

–RACHEL (Health Service Provider, Rockford, IL)

“Did great work – would give a 10.”

–CHUCK (Industrial Equipment Manufacturer, Rockford, IL)

“Our company has only been with Ticomix for a short time and in that time, Ticomix was able to resolve an issue we have had for quite a while. We are very pleased with your service.”

–JULIE (Non-profit Organization, Rock Island, IA)

“You were very helpful restoring our database.”

–JOHN (Midwest-based Restaurant Chain, Berwyn, IL)