Partnering with Our Community to Make a Difference!

We believe in equipping our employees with the resources to positively impact their communities. One way we accomplish that is by partnering with local agencies who are making a difference, backing them through our participation, volunteer work, and charitable giving. Whether it’s our bi-annual blood drive, packing food for countries in need, or helping to landscape downtown Rockford, we find great joy through citizenship and helping others in need.

Organizations We Support…

Rock River Valley Pantry

Northern Illinois Food Bank
Helping Hands Pantry

Transform Rockford

Rock River Valley Blood Center

Boys & Girls Club of Rockford

Crusader Health

Kids Around the World

Harlem Huskies

Rockford Christian Schools

American Heart Association


3 Strands

Easter Seals

Rockford Sharefest

Some fun we’ve had helping others…

2015 Rockford Sharefest
Landscaping for the 2015 Rockford Sharefest

Mobile Blood Bank Donations
Mobile Blood Bank Donations

Packaging Food for Kids Around the World - 2015 Company Meeting
Preparing food packages for Kids Around the World – 2015 Company Meeting

Preparing food packages for Kids Around the World - 2014 Company Meeting
Preparing food packages for Kids Around the World – 2014 Company Meeting

Donating to the Rock River Valley PantryDonating to the Rock River Valley Pantry

CrossWounds - 250 Meals Served250 Meals served through Cross Wounds clothing

Handing out Food With the Northern Illinois Food BankHanding out food with the Northern Illinois Food Bank

Painting the Playground at RocVale Children's Home
Painting the Playground at RocVale Children’s Home

Some Words on Charity from Our CEO…

Giving is ingrained into the core values and purpose of Ticomix as a company and every Ticomix employee.

From the time Ticomix was founded in 2000, I’ve always believed that the business is a platform to do good things for our people and the world around us. I subscribe to the principles of Luke 12:48, which basically says, “to whom much is given, much is expected.” We’ve lived that motto by making charitable giving part of every year, matching employee charitable gifts, and by being intentional in doing group volunteer activities regularly.

We get a lot of requests from amazing organizations asking for donations and while we would love to donate to every one of these organizations, it is impossible to do so and truly make an impact. Therefore, we have decided that our focus on giving would be on the youth of this world. We will be intentional about giving and helping young kids and young adults become better people and live a better life.

We believe that doing so will make for a better world as they grow up and maybe escape poverty, or learn leadership, or simply survive a terrible home situation. We also subscribe to the belief that “just because we can’t help everyone, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help someone.” We will try to leave our mark on this world by helping some young people who otherwise may not get that help. I take this commitment to give as one of our highest commitments as a company. In the past 15 years, we have donated about 4% of our profits and we aim to maintain as well as improve that giving record going forward.