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Stuck with Microsoft Visual FoxPro, dBase or other legacy applications that are no longer supported?

Are you contemplating a FoxPro or dBase conversion? 32-bit applications like those are discontinued products for which Microsoft no longer offers support. Using a process-first approach, we can convert your applications to something supported and stable like .SQL or .NET and maintain, all done in-house by our group of qualified and experienced developers.

Do I have to convert Visual FoxPro now?

In 2015, Microsoft ended support for FoxPro, and they no longer offer updates or patches. Microsoft’s official position on a retired product is: “Customers are highly encouraged to move to a supported product as soon as possible.”

If all things remained constant—hardware never changed, software never changed, new operating systems were not developed, and so on—it’s possible that your present application in FoxPro could continue to function for many years to come. And while FoxPro is still a sophisticated and stable development tool, Microsoft will not be developing it any further.

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What does this mean for companies using outdated applications? Changes to your applications will be more difficult and potentially more costly, since there are fewer skilled professionals who understand and are proficient with this development tool. We recommend converting to .NET, which is Microsoft’s flagship technology used by developers around the globe.

With .NET it is possible to create both traditional desktop applications, as well as browser-based applications, capable of running on an internet server. Browser-based applications can potentially extend the reach of your application by providing access to a wider geographic area as opposed to your traditional internal office network.

Our Software Conversion Process

Our dedicated team of application development professionals are all about helping customers succeed with technology. We’re committed to delivering best-in-class services to you and our process helps us do that.



We work with you and your staff to document the specifics of your existing application(s) and desired business outcomes.



Our team prepares a detailed plan of how the actual conversion will take place and works with your staff to define any new functionality desired as a result of the final converted system.

Data Upsizing

Data Upsizing

Upsizing is the process of moving your FoxPro data from individual data files to a database server.

Phased Development

Phased Development

Independently deployable phases provide a smoother transition from your old FoxPro application. We work with your staff to plan the most efficient process.

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