What’s New In GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.0

With GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.0.3, the best gets even better. The latest release of this award winning business solution offers features designed to improve your organization’s work flow and, via simplified integration with outside data sources, extend your access to mission critical data. As well, GoldMine’s data architecture has been redesigned to improve program performance.

Enhanced Workflow

  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Integration – Integration with MS SQL Reporting Services enhances GoldMine’s already powerful reporting capabilities. This integration allows you to run and deliver reports at designated dates and times, ensuring that the right reports are run at the right times and delivered to the right people.

    Easier Integration

  • Available Plug Ins For Custom Application Integration – GoldMine’s suite of available Application Integration tools has been enhanced with the addition of available Plug Ins that provide custom menu options and allows you to easily and seamlessly embed custom applications into GoldMine. GoldMine Plug Ins support ActiveX Objects.
  • GM+Browser Data Access – The GM+ Browser is an extension of the popular GM+View functionality that allows you to view information from external sources such as other databases, back office systems and websites. You can have multiple GM+Browser windows open simultaneously, providing you the information needed to maximize your productivity.

Improved Performance

  • Redesigned Database Architecture – As part of FrontRange Solution’s ongoing investment in GoldMine, the Borland Database Engine (BDE) has been removed and the dBase database has been replaced by Firebird, an ANSI SQL database. As well, MS SQL is still an available database option. The result of which is improved ease of program use, faster program speed, and reduced memory overhead.

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