(Rockford, IL) July 1, 2011 – Local technology firm Ticomix, Inc. announces today its acquisition of Redstone Softbase (Cleveland, OH), maker of GoldBox data management software. As part of the acquisition, Redstone Softbase president Dave Petonic joins the Ticomix team as Director of GoldBox Development & Sales.

GoldBox is designed to work in conjunction with CRM programs such as FrontRange Solutions’ popular GoldMine® (for which Ticomix was recently named “FrontRange Solutions Top Americas Partner 2011”). Its aim is to simplify data management by automating important CRM data processes and enabling users who have large customer databases to maintain accurate, up-to-date records in fewer and far simpler steps. It also relieves the tediousness of importing and exporting large amounts of customer data, a task frequently wrought with error and frustration.

“GoldBox just makes life smoother for anyone utilizing CRM software, which has become most businesses these days” says Tim Ancona, president of Ticomix. He adds “we’re excited about investing in further development and support of what has become an indispensable tool for many organizations.”

Developed in 1993 (by Petonic himself) GoldBox was the first “add-on” available for GoldMine®. It has since received several awards from FrontRange including “Best Add-on Product” and “Lifetime Achievement Award,” and has proven successful with other CRM software programs as well.

With its latest release (GoldBox-7), user licenses number over 30,000 with nearly 150 resellers across the globe. Industries ranging from insurance, banking and education, to non-profit, retailing and hospitality, regularly put GoldBox to use. “In short, any organization using CRM software can benefit from GoldBox’s extensive set of data automation features,” says Petonic.

About Ticomix

Ticomix fuses industry-best practices with award-winning technologies to provide premiere technology solutions to small- to midsize businesses around the country in the areas of networking, data backup/recovery, customer relationship management, service desk management and a host of other customized software and hardware solutions. Ticomix also sells and supports leading technology brands such as Xerox, Microsoft, Cisco and Dell. Through various partnerships, certifications and event offerings, Ticomix demonstrates a strong commitment to helping clients succeed through the effective implementation and management of technology. For more information, please call 779-423-6200.

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