Case Study:
Property Management Company

From Outdated to Modern

Ticomix completely updated client’s customer ERP portal, while maintaining their old platform for functionality.


Property Management


Southern California


ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, Integrations via API


  • The customer portal was integrated with an outdated ERP platform that had reached end-of-life, leaving no capacity for customizations and expansions of features and services.
  • The migration to the new ERP system had to be completed gradually, and the existing customer portal couldn’t be updated to communicate with both ERP systems without extending timelines and costs well beyond reasonable limits.
  • Because the platform was built on outdated technology, users found the portal difficult to use and its look and feel very unapproachable.


  • The new system’s data layer provided a seamless integration between the legacy ERP system and the new ERP during the phase-out process, with new centralized data stores to allow additional data to be captured where necessary.
  • The modernized UI provided a simplified UI structure for basic system users, and a robust and clear interface for power users.
  • A full administrative portal allows simple views of user profiles and activity to provide the best possible customer service.
  • All sensitive data is transmitted securely using latest industry standards.

Project Overview

The client utilized a niche property management ERP platform which was coming to the end of its support life.

The client chose to migrate to a modern ERP platform, but due to the scale of the user base and related data, determined that the property migration would have to occur in a phased approach, requiring both platforms to remain online and functional.

The client’s customer portal, which integrated with the original ERP platform, was built in a technology that had become out-of-date and thus had an outdated look and feel, making the approach of updating the portal to read from both platforms both expensive and untenable.

Ticomix was tasked with creating a new customer portal, integrated with both ERP platforms, featuring a modern look and feel.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Modernized UI, designed to provide an intuitive experience to single- and multi-role users
  • Layered feature design, which allows functions available in either ERP endpoints to be utilized and seamlessly swapped for users requiring connection to both endpoints
  • Core functionality translated from existing customer portal wherever possible to allow for rapid development and reduce the need for function redesign
  • A seamless, dual-endpoint ERP integration designed with local data storage only where necessary to speed up the functionality of the site
  • Secure transmission of transactional data with no local storage to reduce security risk
  • Full back-end management portal, including user impersonation and lockout functionality for maintenance time-frames

Technologies Used

• ASP.NET • MVC 5 • Microsoft SQL Server • SQL Server Reporting Services • C# • JavaScript • Telerik Kendo for MVC • Integrations via API, ODBC, SOAP

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