Case Study:
Pre-Employment Screening Company

New Client-Facing Application

Ticomix completely rebuilt the client’s application and integrated it with over 10 of their vendors.


Employment Company


Southern California


Microsoft SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, Telerik Kendo for MVC, Signal R


  • Client’s existing application was outdated, resulting in a lack of fit to current needs and critical security vulnerabilities.
  • Third-party employment verification vendors had online tools available, but client’s app could not integrate and utilize automation for rapid results to deliver to their clients.
  • Security vulnerabilities fell short not only of industry-standard protocols but legal compliance with private data laws and regulations.
  • Their clients (employers) had training program requirements for employees and wanted to track progress, but the application had no such ability and could not be adapted to do so.


  • New application created from scratch in .NET, allowing for full customizations and future updates as needed.
  • Integration with 10 outside vendors (e.g., E-Verify, Social Security Administration, Quest Diagnostics) providing automated data flow and request fulfillment, tracking and reporting.
  • Compliant with security standards for storing sensitive applicant information and private data.
  • Application includes customer-facing portal giving employers the ability to customize their employment applications.
  • Their clients’ employee training programs can now be tracked within the portal.

Project Overview

The client had an existing homegrown application that was outdated, insecure and did not fit their needs. Ticomix was contracted to run a vulnerability analysis on their existing application and determined that it needed a complete overhaul to comply with current security standards.

The client chose to completely rewrite the system instead of overhauling the existing system. Ticomix was then tasked with creating the new application.

The system not only needed to be able to facilitate their needs internally, it had to satisfy the needs of both their Clients and the applicants that would visit the portal to complete employment applications. The system also allows for Clients to track the training programs that their employees must complete on a regular basis.

In the end, Ticomix integrated with over 10 different vendors, including Motor Vehicle Reporting, E-Verify, Criminal History, Training, TransUnion Credit Reporting, QuickBooks, and the Social Security Administration.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Integration with over 10 different vendors for end to end automation of the background check process.
  • Compliant with security standards regarding the storing of sensitive information, such as names, addresses, and social security numbers.
  • Roles are built into the system to ensure that only users with the proper level of access can access sensitive parts of the system.
  • Client portal allows users to securely log in and view the status of their background checks.
  • Applicant portal allows potential applicants to fill out custom defined applications to start the hiring process.

Technologies Used

• ASP.NET • MVC 5 • Microsoft SQL Server • SQL Server Reporting Services • C# • JavaScript • Telerik Kendo for MVC • Signal R • SugarCRM • MySQL

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