Case Study:
Nationwide Trucking Company

Modernized Freight Tracking Platform

Ticomix built a custom, web-based load management platform, featuring freight integrity tracking, automated reporting and new dashboards.


Freight Logistics




Microsoft SQL Server, C#, JavaScript, SignalR


  • The existing system was built by an outside company with a one-size-fits-all approach. No customizations were available to address their specific needs.
  • Because the system was built on Visual FoxPro, which was no longer supported, OS-level errors were occurring that they could not fix.
  • Employees could only access the system via remote desktop connection. The lack of mobile access greatly limited productivity.
  • The system had no capability for automated updates to customers—all updates were manual and time consuming.
  • Users expressed that the UI was clunky and not user-friendly, with an outdated look and feel.


  • The new system provides the options for reports that are delivered automatically, robust dashboards with built-in update actions, and real-time order tracking.
  • The modernized UI makes information easy to filter and sort, and allows information to be updated with having to manually refresh the page.
  • A sophisticated pricing algorithm allows hundreds of orders to be evaluated, grouped and tiered, providing instant cost output with no potential for human calculation error.
  • Because the new system is browser-based, it can be setup to be accessed from anywhere in the world with total control of security restrictions, and from any platform, including mobile.

Project Overview

Our customer was utilizing an off-the-shelf freight management system which didn’t allow them opportunity for customization and new features to be developed to fit their needs. They also had to follow processes in the system they wouldn’t have otherwise followed. The system was written in FoxPro, and thus was reaching the end of its support life, causing errors and the need for break fixes.

Web Access, Photo Documentation and Auditing

The client chose to migrate to a custom-built, web-based platform, to be able to retain the main functions of their business system, while adding custom-designed features to fit their most current business needs.

Their existing platform was only accessible on their servers via remote desktop session and did not allow them the ability to document the state of the customer loads they processed for claims handling. Further, the system had no capability of automated updates to their customers for estimated delivery dates and other urgent communication.

Ticomix was contracted to design a new freight platform, with a modernized look and feel, and all-new load management and freight integrity tracking features.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Modernized UI and data structure, structured to allow instant updates of data points throughout the system without requiring page refreshing
  • Core functionality translated from existing customer portal wherever possible to allow for rapid development and reduce the need for function redesign
  • Pallet scanning system, allowing tracking of all incoming and outgoing freight via label printing and scanning, picture taking, and load checks to ensure all freight is present. Auditing and searching features designed to handle customer inquiries and complaints immediately.
  • Sophisticated pricing module to allow for instant calculation against multi-tiered, cross-order pricing and discount structure
  • Robust reporting and dashboards to allow historical sales analysis and order tracking in real time

Technologies Used

• ASP.NET • MVC 5 • Microsoft SQL Server • SQL Server Reporting Services • C# • JavaScript • Telerik Kendo for MVC • SignalR

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