Case Study:
Healthcare Intelligence Company

Fully Integrated with CRM

Ticomix created an in-house web portal that fully integrated with client’s CRM.




New England


Microsoft SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, SugarCRM, SignalR


  • An event management portal was built by a third party who didn’t fully understand what the client was trying to accomplish. They delivered “what the client asked for” but not “what the client really needed.”
  • The portal and the client’s CRM did not integrate, requiring duplicate data entry between systems.
  • No real-time booking system existed for healthcare Suppliers and Providers to schedule meetings, resulting in poor user experience and errors in scheduling.
  • The site was built using a rapid development framework. It afforded very little customization and resulted in a non-user-friendly interface.


  • Priority was understanding where the client wanted to be so the best solution could be designed to get them there.
  • Created a new portal from scratch using .NET, allowing for full customizations and future updates as needed.
  • Integrated the portal and client’s CRM, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.
  • Maximized performance with a custom Sync Engine, eliminating issues caused if SugarCRM went down and reducing latency by utilizing local queries (as opposed to internet queries) whenever possible.
  • Created a scheduling page that updates in real time as changes are made.

Project Overview

This client is responsible for arranging events between healthcare providers and healthcare suppliers. The suppliers sponsor the events and in return they secure meetings with the various providers that are attending the event. The client had a need for a software solution that allowed the suppliers and providers to log in, prioritize with whom they would like to meet, and supply various bits of profile data.

Additionally, this system had to synchronize data with the client’s SugarCRM system to eliminate duplication of data entry between the two systems.

This client had previously contracted an offshore development company to complete a web portal to fulfill their needs. After several months, it became apparent that the contracted company didn’t truly understand their business process and the portal project was deemed a failure.

Ticomix was then contracted to come in and complete the project. It was determined that the existing code was not salvageable, and the portal would need to be started from scratch. This included many upgrades including a complex automatic pairing process and a real time meeting booking system.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Integration with SugarCRM
  • Custom Sync Engine was built in order to maximize performance
  • SignalR was used to build a scheduling page that was updated in real time as changes were made
  • Supplier and Provider dashboard is calendar driven, allowing users to pre-configure timed access to the system

Technologies Used

• ASP.NET • MVC 5 • Microsoft SQL Server • SQL Server Reporting Services • C# • JavaScript • Telerik Kendo for MVC • SignalR • SugarCRM • MySQL

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