After a successful 2007, leading CRM software vendor W-Systems has awarded Top Partner status to Ticomix for being their most successful wMobile partner.

Recognizing the outstanding commitment and support they have received from their expanding partner-base, W-Systems has announced Ticomix (  as the 2008 Top Partner.

W-Systems has experienced phenomenal customer partner and customer acceptance over recent months with over 50 new active partners driving forward the wMobile Mobile CRM software product, a mobile telephone client for the popular GoldMine CRM system providing complete bi-directional interaction with the company’s organizational CRM system. The wMobile product allows small and mid-size organizations to easily and affordably adopt a mobile CRM solution.

Mark Durrant, President of Relationship Automation who is one of the five to be awarded Top Partner status said “Everyone we’ve shown wMobile (to) have immediately grasped the power and ease of use. Most systems we’ve implemented have been installed in an hour or so. It’s clear that they’ve put a lot of thought into making the system simple to use as well as powerful and have developed a system will actually be used”.

“As a small software developer, we count on the enthusiasm of our reseller partner to reach out customers, we are grateful for the efforts, support and enthusiasm of our top 5 partners as well as our entire partner network for the success that allows us to channel resources back into the continued evolution of wMobile” says Christian Wettre, President of W-Systems.

W-Systems offers a variety of customer relationship management software applications and have provided cost effective and innovative solutions to over 600 customers across many industries and vertical markets. For some, wMobile has replaced the need for notebook PC’s and has reduced the organization’s ongoing support needs as well as initial costs.

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