Ticomix, one of top FrontRange Solutions partners, has become the first GoldMine CRM software supplier to sell GoldMine Enterprise. This new version of GoldMine includes the robust capability relied on by the mid-market, with greater flexibility that allows rapid configuration of the solution to deliver faster time to benefit, higher ease of use and a lower total cost of ownership than other existing CRM applications.

“The days of the complex and business-unfriendly CRM system that took months to install and even longer to really work have passed,” said Kevin J. Smith, Vice President of Products for FrontRange Solutions. “Customers want lots of powerful and flexible features, but in a product that is quick to implement and easy to live with every day.  They want to react quickly to changes in the market and to take immediate advantage of opportunities. GoldMine Enterprise Edition delivers these benefits and more for far less than the cost of traditional CRM applications.”

Unlike most existing CRM systems, GoldMine Enterprise Edition is a modular solution.  Organizations may select and add capabilities as required, rather than undertake a time-consuming, large-scale installation that includes many features that may never be used.  Modules include relationship management, sales management, quoting, campaign management, lead management, and customer service and support.

Vice President of Research for Service and Support Professionals Association, John Ragsdale said in his blog, “Based on our 2006 Technology Survey, SSPA Research predicts that small and medium sized technology companies will spend at least $309 million on CRM in 2007–more than twice the CRM spending of >$1B tech companies–and midmarket companies interested in a .NET CRM product should give GoldMine a look, with its multiple versions (Standard, Corporate, Premium, and the new Enterprise edition) targeting different sized businesses.”

GoldMine Enterprise Edition also features a new highly flexible user interface that enables individuals to set up their own preferred screen appearance using simple dropdown menus rather than custom programming.  The new product is built on the same Microsoft® .NET platform upon which FrontRange Solutions developed its market-leading IT Service Management solutions.  This architecture offers many advantages for delivering value to customers including a robust business rules engine for automating business processes and a dynamic integration capability utilizing Web services and XML.

“We are pleased to bring GoldMine Enterprise to our many loyal partners and customers and to introduce the GoldMine brand to new customers,” said FrontRange Solutions CEO Michael McCloskey. “This exciting new product is the result of an aggressive development investment over the past two years and reflects our valuable experiences working closely with partners and delivering real value to our global customers. In addition, we have built GoldMine Enterprise on Microsoft .NET technology, and are happy to have been selected by Microsoft as the only CRM product in their Vista launch for our market.”

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