Ticomix, Inc. announced today it will be hosting the 10th Semi-Annual GoldMine Summit (formerly GoldMine Forum) in 10 cities. The event will be held from beginning to mid-April in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Houston and Dallas, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Kansas City, Kansas. The purpose of the GoldMine Summit is to promote CRM and GoldMine best practices, exchange ideas about using GoldMine software more fully, and offer insight to future CRM industry and product development for sales, marketing, management, and technical professionals.

During the GoldMine Summit, attendees will have the opportunity to see live system demonstrations, learn about the new generation of GoldMine software including GoldMine Premium Edition and GoldMine Enterprise Edition, discover new GoldMine tips and tricks to enhance CRM usage, find out about key management reporting tools, understand various mobility options to provide access to GoldMine users in the field, and much more. Summit attendees will be able to choose from a wide variety of a breakout sessions throughout the day to get the information most relevant to their interests. 

As a result of the Datamation Dynamics acquisition which took place the first of this year, Ticomix has adopted the format of the semi-annual GoldMine Summit event previously hosted by Datamation. Since the GoldMine Summit has been a long-standing, extremely successful GoldMine educational event, Ticomix has decided to standardize the name and content of the event in all ten locations for the 10th Semi-Annual GoldMine Summit.

About Ticomix, Inc.

Ticomix is a provider of products and services for customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), IT service management (ITSM), information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) call centers, help desks, and computer networking. Our mission is to help our clients succeed through effective technology implementation and management. Headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, Ticomix also has a regional presence in Chicago, Illinois; Des Moines, Iowa; Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin; San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas, Texas. For more information, call 866.842.6649. 

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