The Tim Ancona Leadership Blog

The Tim Ancona Leadership Blog
Tim Ancona

I’ve had the good fortune of being in a variety of leadership positions for over 26 years and in the CEO position for more than 18 of them.

During that time, I’ve read many books and listened to many podcasts to help me grow. I’ve also learned some things by trial and error. I’m sure I’ve done a lot of things wrong, and maybe I got a few things right. That’s where the idea for these videos came from. I’m always interested in getting better myself and doing anything I can to help others.

In these video blogs, my commitment is to be brief and to provide actionable information to help you in your leadership role. If you enjoy what you see, I hope you won’t be shy about posting comments that will help me improve.

Thanks for your time, which is the most valuable thing we can give.

–Tim Ancona