FrontRange ITSM Service Catalog

FrontRange Service Catalog Visibility into IT’s services offerings for the entire enterprise.

Revolutionize IT and Business Service delivery

FrontRange Solutions Service Catalog

FrontRange Solutions® ITSM Service Catalog

Services in today’s technology environment begin and end “on the fly”—driving a need for agility, flexibility and immediacy. FrontRange Solutions® ITSM Service Catalog provides visibility into IT’s service offerings for the entire enterprise, designed with multiple audiences in mind.

Now you can provide your internal and external customers with a one-stop shop of all available goods and services, allow service providers to design approvals and fulfillment, and empower business owners to track service consumption, all from an intuitive interface.

FrontRange Service Catalog is a Web-based shopping cart, which clearly outlines and defines all IT services. Users can order all service offerings directly online using the intuitive interface. All service requests then go through individually configurable approval processes—the initial request subsequently turns into an approved and documented order.

This standalone module integrates with FrontRange ITSM and Service Level Management out-of-the-box, so you can deliver, measure, and tune your services to meet the changing needs of your business. If you are not already a FrontRange ITSM user, you can plug FrontRange Service Catalog into your existing service desk solution to maximize your technology investment.


  • On-demand self-service for the Cloud representing an entitlement-based menu of service offerings for users
  • Single point of interaction for IT Service requests
  • Holistic picture of all services
  • High performance and cost transparency for providers and users
  • Less administrative effort due to lean, audit-proof processes
  • Higher cost savings—up to 70% for service delivery
  • Less administration through stream¬lined, revision-proof processes
  • On-Demand Reporting and metrics
  •  Improved customer satisfaction


  • Transparency: view all costs, including usage-based billing
  • One click shopping: from service request to service delivery
  • Transparency and cost control 
  • Fully automated and integrated process: from request to service delivery – with Desktop and Server Management

Do you…

  • Require only limited Service Catalog capability?
  • Require full capability Service Catalog?

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