HEAT Help Desk Software

HEAT: The award-winning Help Desk software from FrontRange Solutions

FrontRange HEAT Software is a powerful integration of core IT service and support components.

HEAT Service & Support is award-winning software built on more than 15 years of service management experience and follows best practices for help desks and call centers. A complete help desk software solution, HEAT helps reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

HEAT, and its modules listed below, offer a powerful and flexible software solution, with one of the industry’s lowest total costs of ownership. A full-featured, out-of-the-box support solution, HEAT is an affordable, easy-to-use application.

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10 Great Reasons to Use HEAT Service & Support:

1. Flexible help desk software, easy to configure workflow automation, without a programmer.
HEAT software allows customizations to system, user interface or workflow. Using HEAT’s Business Process Automation Module™ (BPAM), HEAT Messaging Center, and AutoTasks, users easily adapt and automate workflow and processes including escalations, employee set-up, and change processes. All are done quickly and easily, without a programmer or help desk software developer.

2. Fast time to benefit IT service management.
With HEAT software’s graphical user interface for form design built on 15+ years experience in service management, customers get the HEAT help desk system up and running typically within 1-2 weeks.

3. Easy integration of web messaging center, simply updating databases.
HEAT Messaging Center quickly and easily creates web services to generate and update configurations, customer records or service requests using 3rd party tools. HEAT software can also pass data to any receiving web service automatically.

4. Automatic e-mail monitoring of IT service requests.
HEAT software automates inbound and outbound email communication, allowing better use of resources. E-mails are monitored based on keywords to auto-generate service requests. Existing service requests are updated based upon customer reply.

5. Centralized reporting based on help desk best practices.
HEAT Manager Console™ dashboard reporting capability, combined with the HEAT Answer Wizard™ and 200+ predefined reports, managers quickly get answers to key business questions and actively monitor the support center status in real-time.

6.Comprehensive, powerful, IT service desk solution.
The HEAT help desk family is a comprehensive service solution, combining core functions such as call logging and tracking and workflow automation, with a variety of module expansion options, so any enterprise can build a tailored solution.

7.Customer Self-Service, ticket generation and monitoring.
HEAT’s advanced ticketing system increases customer satisfaction, lowers service costs. End users submit service requests, submit their own HEAT ticket, get status updates, or efficiently find their own answers over the web.

8.Knowledge Management for quicker, more cost-effective issue resolution.
HEAT software improves service agent efficiency when real-time service content is captured in an easy-to-access knowledge base.

9. Telephony capability at your Call Center.
FrontRange Voice adds communication management to HEAT software with integrated telephony for powerful call center capability.

10. IT Asset Management tools to streamline incident management.
Integrates with the FrontRange Software Asset Management Suite to accelerate troubleshooting. FrontRange Discovery® feeds all captured asset discovery information to the HEAT help desk software console, streamlining end-to-end incident management, saving time and cost at the help desk while dramatically increasing first call resolution rates.

11. BONUS: Client Lifecycle Management.
Extends HEAT software by automating the end-to-end client device lifecycle. Provides unified remote support and advanced desktop and server provisioning tools. Incident managers speed up resolution efforts. Problem managers reduce dependency on higher level of expertise.

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