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» ITSM 7.2 update released by FrontRange

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ITSM 7.2 update released by FrontRange

Written by Brian Huber on March 1, 2013, 11:16 am

FrontRange Solutions has just released the 7.2 update to its ITSM software. Users will be pleased to find many issues have been addressed and several key enhancements have been added. Below are the details, and you can always contact your Ticomix representative at 779-423-6200 if you have any questions or concerns about the updates.

ITSM 7.2 Release Notes

As of Release Version 7.2.0, ITSM has been rebranded as HEAT Service Management. Version 7.2 is a major feature release with major focus on enhancing the usability of the Service Catalog, extending on our workflow automation platform and improving the configurability of our core application components. Over 120 customer reported issues were also addressed with this release. High level list of enhancements include:


New Feature Descriptions

·         Multiple request items in one service catalog request offering

o    User can request multiple items

o   SDA can fulfill and multiple request item in a single request

o   Configuring fulfillment for Multiple Request Items

o   Configuring Task/Software Installation Catalog

·         Expand and Collapse Categories in Service Catalog

o Usability improvement to minimize scrolling (better visually) when there are many top level categories

o Only top level categories are shown by default

o Select category to browse subcategory

·         Full screen workflow editor in Service Catalog

o Usability improvement to have maximum work area for workflow designer within Service Catalog

o Open a new browser window from Request offering

o Optimize to show as much workflow content as possible

·         Data Mask and validation for common types

o Phone#, SS#, Email, URL

o Simply configure in Type

·         Ability to make attachment fields visible/required in Request Offering

·         Ability to customize color in self service & service catalog

o Limit to application frame

o Customize color

o Customize css file in SelfService\css\customization

·         Customizable Current User Function

o Similar to CurrentUserFunction in foundation

o Instead of using annotation, reference current user’s property by field name (from Profile.Employee business object)

o Only works with business object form (not Service Catalog Request offering)

·         Send Email Quick Action Enhancements in Web Platform

o   o Quick Action context can be specified to current object, child

o   o In the context of child, can reference to fields from parent. Syntax:

o   o Email address book function that can send email to User, Team, Contact Group

·         Security Enhancements for Dashboards parts and Saved Searches

·         Record count visible in tab titles

Other Notable Changes/Notes

·         Quick Action Editor is different

o  More features

o  Preview of quick action

o  Improved usability (more space. Use to be modal dialog)

·         Shortcuts for Templates

·         Change role without having to log off

·         Smart Client Template editor now display default sequence and allows override of fields sequencing


Issues Fixed


Issue Title


When Send Notification QA fails, Status of Notification object does not reflect the Failure


Button for quick action not executing via Web Client. {HOT ISSUE}


FSMTService will intermittently stop processing inbound emails with the following Event Viewer error - Error occurred while connecting to the email server. Reason: [Collaboration Data Objects - [MAPI_E_INVALID_OBJECT(80040108)]]


Associated Item Selector, AIS, data not visible after saving change to AIS selection


Workflow using 'update' will only trigger once


Unable to export a FAD through the FRS Application Administrator


Service Catalog Service Offering save button should say submit.


'CI Linked to Change' are sometimes not visible when scrolling through Problem records


Cannot install on E drive if C drive does not have enough space


Error when creating Saved Search (non Admin Role): You are not allowed to publish to selected Role


Issues designing forms if the definition set window is not maximized.


Modifying an existing request offering fulfillment workflow removes the output connection lines when saved


Cannot rename top level tab if any national char is used.


Survey responses grid and panel do not display any parent record data


Multi tenancy for certain objects this works correctly and in others records cannot be constrained by OU (e.g. knowledge management, standard user team, announcements).


Service Request with complex default values not working in Smart Client


Field populates differently by how an incident is created in SelfService.


Cannot specify the default font on a field that has Html support enabled.


When basing Form Field Visibility off of a Business Object field, Visibility is ignored, and the actual Request cannot be saved.


Escalation thresholds not displayed correctly in Escalation Level tabs.


Tab visibility different depending on how an incident is created.


Files not being removed from C:\Windows\Temp


In a Quick Action, the font options do not stick for Global Values in an email action with HTML.


Validating a field where the length is greater than the set value does not result in error. {HOT ISSUE}


Is it possible to change "Save" and "Review & Save" to "Submit" and "Review & Submit " respectively


Having trouble adding items to a form in a definition set.


Field tab order on Request Offering form is not respecting Category Heading sections.


When the user logs out licenses are not released and the customer is hitting the max count resulting in users unable to log in.


Enable HTML removes required warning on field.


Double click on the column width is not retained after client restart


Paste as attachment only copies text if you copy text and pictures from Word


Control with "Render Text Box as Label" is not read only if "HTML Support" is checked


Statistics is spelled incorrectly - EVERY new knowledge article, all types, has the views # to 2. After saving the article, the # of views changes to 3


Cannot change expiration date of passwords from default 100 day value.


Cannot create a template associated with All


Add index to Incident in out of box data


The type initializer for 'SaaS.WebUI.ServiceCatalog.ValidationDataManager' threw an exception


Unable to retrieve the Hours Of Operation name from linked SLA on Incident


"Exception of type System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown" {HOT ISSUE}


Subject field in a Notification type Quick Action is limited to 100 Characters


Word 'syntax' misspelled as 'sintax' in error messages.


Users able to update Closed Incidents in Self Service when locale is French


Search results inconsistent


Self Service/AdminUI not displaying correctly in Google Chrome when using a zoom level


When Autofillworkstation object, csv import quick action fails to import the csv file. is setup on owner field for CI.


Date only field throws errors when partial entry for year is given and you tab out of a date field and try to save.


cannot add personal quickactions to Incident toolbar


Field validated from a list of values does not display values in drop down in a Template.


Display resolution greater than 1280x1024 required for panel design in definition set.


Windows task bar not showing when ITSM Client Window is maximized and Auto-hide enabled


The calendar link on the tab is showing the calendar of the parent object


Carriage Return / Line Feed in a Simple Calculation not working in autofil from Simple Calculation


Grid customizations are not being remembered for validation objects


Unable to select anything in the Drop down for flow direction when searching Emails in the client.


Spellcheck available on 'unfocused' field and does not work as expected.


drag & drop a QA-action from post-actions to main copies the action instead of moving it


cannot clear date-value in filter


Duplicate Sessions in the license server causing irregular license consumption.


Incident number is not shown in smart client window title when Windows AERO is enabled.


Hidden field on request offering displays in smart client after save.


Request Offering Text, Number or Money field constraints aren't obeyed in smart client.


Object reference error if Incident layout contains CIRoleTree


Related incident tab does not dynamically refresh


unknown function currentuserorganizationalunit is not supported in sql query


Modifying search option with user prompt does not retain modified value.


Word mail merge not exporting Completed tasks during the mail merge export


Unable to override the default Incident Workspace Dashboard for the Service Desk Analyst Role


The arrow for toggling between the dashboards is not working for ServiceDesk perspective


Loading LotusNotes module breaks client functionality.


Formatting is incorrect in notification action - going to new line before the field


Customer Escalation: Request Offering populating one field when no value is selected.


AutoDeploy client not displaying main window correctly when started first time


Need to be able to use $(CurrentUserDepartment) in Searches in SelfService


Customer Escalation: Service Desk Analyst Homepage Dashboard refresh is hanging the client.


Font changed from Times New Roman 12 to Courier New 10 for notification fields after upgrade.


When link ci.virtual server to an incident get duplicate key error


'Text Field 1' error configuring auto fill on Request Offering.


HTML Toolbar disabled from HTML enabled fields after upgrade to 7.1.3


Customer requests the capability to relabel the buttons in Service Catalogue.


Ability to make attachment field Visible/Required in Request Offerings


Scheduled Job 'Ending At' drop down field hangs client.


Expand and Collapse Categories in Service Catalog


when using templates fields are not validated because they are not populated in appropriate order


Carriage returns removed when using a Send Email quick action in html format.


Due Date Target on Service Request incorrect when Breached or Closed {HOT ISSUE}


Expression does not disable add attachment button from toolbar in self service


Search for word "kassenlade" in knowledge article not being found


SelfService user can modify incidents in closed status when using German locale


Clients freezing after ITSM 7.1.3 upgrade from 7.0.2 with both smart client and click once. All clients affected.


Data archive documentation


Fields showing as Read Only on Assignment tab {HOT ISSUE}


Client freezing during idle time and needs to be killed via task manager. {HOT ISSUE}


Change Calendar eats memory and does not release until application is closed.


Not all fields that are created in a service request show in the full client after upgrade to 7.1.4.


Customer Escalation: Cannot add field to desired spot on form.


AttachmentMigrationTool throws error: Login Procedure Definition for usertype not found in database.


Certain tenant after they login using the Signet Service Desk user are unable to view any incident. Error:An unknown error occurred when communicating with the FrontRange Foundation server. {HOT ISSUE}


AIS control on SelfService form displays drop down arrow when whole control should be invisible. {HOT ISSUE}


Attachment cannot be opened from a closed record


Knowledge Articles with HTML Rich Text are displayed incorrectly in Self Service


Unable to use the value of 0 in a number field


Customer Escalation: Task Assignment owner field not showing all users linked to team, only default team users shown.


Index name too long error when committing typed link relationship


System Function such as "Current User Team, Current User Info 1, Current User Info2" is missing in the constraint list in Self Service ITSM 7.1.4. that were available in 6x


Customer Escalation: Smart client crashing when trying to log a new Service Request


when using latest Google Chrome build the building blocks are not visible in the Workflow Editor


No possibility to restrict creation of "Saved Searches" in Selfservice for any role


Activity History records sorting gets scrambled when refreshing


Outbound emails sent via Send Email Quick Action lose formatting since upgrading to 7.1.4


No longer able to scroll in grids with up/down arrow keys


Empty image control on form breaks ability to print form.


Concurrency error: The Incident #### was modified by InternalServices since you opened this record


Field validation only validating on part of an entered value


Error when copying Request Offering: No Delivery Service Level Target was found for Target Variant ({recid})


Incident Detail screen not updated when field is changed.


Quick Action type of Send Email causing ITSM Premise Client to hang on Windows 7


Spelling mistake in error message - Relationship spelt as "relationshop".


Change Status is displayed in English instead of localized value


Remoting API Example Application


Customer Escalation: Arpege : Error saving data: Invalid column name 'ArpProduit_fr'.


Object reference error when searching on Incident or Service Request with ProfileLink field


Error: 'Login Procedure definition for usertype not found in database' when selecting database connection in Attachment Migration Utility


LDAP import error after upgrade to 7.1.4 when Admin account has Roles as well as Admin linked to it.


Labels in Self Service Service Request view not correctly translated into French


Missing Lifecycle options in Role Object Permissions


Unable to view/edit Survey in AdminUI



Brian Huber's picture
About Brian Huber

Brian joined Ticomix in 2003 and has over 20 years experience in technology and customer service. He is responsible for service delivery by Ticomix consultants and involved in project management. In addition to management responsibilities, Brian is involved in process consulting and needs analysis, with a particular focus on IT Service Management practices. Brian holds certifications including the highest available ITIL certifications (v2 Service Manager and v3 Expert), as well as a broad range of software product certifications.