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GoldMine CRM software

On-Premise CRM Solution.

Empower your team with the most robust CRM on the market, with extensive add-ons, full customizations and industry-leading ROI.

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SugarCRM Platinum Partner

Cloud-Based or On-Premise CRM Solution.

Simple, quick to deploy and easy to learn. SugarCRM is the most cost-effective solution in the browser-based CRM landscape.

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Innovative IT Service Management Solutions.

HEAT help desk ticketing software

A full-featured, out-of-the-box support solution, HEAT is an affordable, easy-to-use help desk application, among the industry's lowest TCO. Explore HEAT ►


FrontRange Solutions IT Service Management

FrontRange ITSM's modular, pre-integrated set of 9 modules allows you to choose the functionality your business needs now and add more later. Explore ITSM ►


FrontRange SaaS2

Cloud-based, ITIL-certified Service Management solution. Experience Service Management that’s cost effective, efficient and simple to get started. Explore ITSM SaaS2 ►


ServiceNow cloud help desk ticketing service

ServiceNow is a leading provider of cloud-based services designed automate enterprise IT operations. Explore ServiceNow ►

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Networking, Network Hosting, Data Backup & Disaster Recovery.

Technology is not just a cost of doing business but an enabler to achieve a competitive advantage. With an industry-best backup & data recovery service, managed IT services and key vendor partnerships, Ticomix can give YOU the advantage. Learn more ►


Bulletproof Data Backup & Recovery
Bulletproof 2.1 Backup & Data Solution ► More than just backup, it's a total computing solution.

Ticomix IT 2.0 Managed Services
IT 2.0 Managed Services ► No more surprises—flat-fee IT support and network hosting.


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Custom Software Development ► Professional requirements analysis, database design, implementation—PC & web applications.

Reporting & Data Analysis ► Microsoft SSRS, Crystal Reports, MySQL, FoxPro and other reporting & analysis tools.

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Premier Certified Cisco Engineering, Sales & Support.

Successful businesses run on Cisco & Ticomix


Successful businesses around the world run on Cisco.

And now, Ticomix is your trusted Cisco Premier Certified Partner. See benefits of working with a Premier partner ►

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» Bulletproof 2.1 Backup & Data Solution

Bulletproof Data Backup & Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity

Data Backup & disaster recovery meets cloud technology for a state-of-the-art Data Solution.

We're changing the way businesses get things done.

With Bulletproof 2.1, your business can have the most secure data backup & recovery solution on the market and even say goodbye to server hardware forever... all at a fraction of what you're used to spending!

Built on cutting-edge disk imaging technology, Bulletproof 2.1 guarantees:

business continuityTotal continuity despite the smallest of hiccups to the worst of disasters.

fast server speedFastest and most easily expandable server environment available.

world-class supportWorld-class service & support from your trusted leader in IT services.



bulletproof 2.0, data backup & recovery, cloud computing

Save time by letting one of our experts give you a live overview of Bulletproof 2.1 and answer any of your questions—no obligations!

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A look under the hood of Bulletproof 2.1 (click titles to expand):

All hardware will inevitably falter and ultimately fail. The cost to replace servers in an average small- to midsize business can be in the thousands of dollars, and that's just to put in new hardware that will someday fail again. With a virtual server environment built in, you can now run all your servers (file, domain, SQL, Exchange, etc.) right inside Bulletproof. Drive failure and scalability will never be an issue again!

Node technology ensures total business continuity because it utilizes redundancy in the same way Google® does to power its massive data centers. Because data is shared across multiple internal drives, any one of them or even several of them could fail and your business won’t skip a beat. And replacing them becomes Ticomix's issue, not yours.

Scaling up is no problem either. Adding more computing power, additional servers, more storage space, or all of the above, is as easy as adding another node to infinitely grow your IT infrastructure.

The Windows™ method of writing data to disk involves random locations resulting in less efficient use of space, fragmentation (surely you're familiar with having to "defrag" your hard drive) and, ultimately, slower speeds.

Bit Spread technology uses a more targeted approach. It prioritizes data placement, writing the more critical, frequently used data on the outside of the disk (where it spins faster) and the less important data on the inside, resulting in greater efficiency, no fragmentation, and astonishingly faster speeds. 

For server-level issues, the support of an IT professional is in your best interest. But calling in IT when one user deletes one desktop file (or even several) can be a headache for everyone involved. With Bulletproof's user-level file restore feature, individual users can now go "back in time" to when that file existed and recover it... no IT guy needed. That's simplicity and savings!


Bulletproof 2.0 can change your business, free demo

Save time by letting one of our experts walk you through a live Bulletproof 2.1 data backup & recovery demo and answer any questions you have. There's no obligation so get in touch with us today.


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