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Cloud Service Desk: A change in the weather from FrontRange Solutions!

Service Management your wayon the ground, in the cloud or both. Experience Service Management that’s cost effective, efficient and simple to get started with.

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FrontRange SaaS2 goes beyond Cloud Service Management.

FrontRange Solutions SaaS2  dramatically lowers the bar on the investment required to update you old obsolete Service Desk Solution—we not only lower the cost, but speed up  the time to improve your productivity.

The new IT Service Management SaaS solution is the first in a complete line of SaaS solutions built for the IT organization and to be marketed by FrontRange under the brand SaaS2. FrontRange Solutions’ new IT Service Management solution is targeted at dynamic and growing organizations seeking a true Software as a Service solution while at the same time demanding enterprise class capability, flexibility and scalability. 


Built on the FrontRange Multi-Tenant SaaS2 Platform, the new solution includes comprehensive service management, service catalog and asset management capabilities, and delivers comprehensive IT best practices and an ITIL framework for immediate and measurable benefits.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience delivering service management and asset management solutions to more than 13,000 companies worldwide, FrontRange will use its Internet Architected Platform with complete multi—tenant capability and Contextual User Experience to provide the most advanced offering in the marketplace.


Cloud Help Desk FrontRange ITSM SaaSSaaS2 Help Desk

SaaS2 Help Desk integrates core service and support components into one complete Help Desk software solution to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency designed specifically for the needs of organizations of all sizes. The end-to-end support that SaaS2 Help Desk delivers helps manage service issues from the initial call to completed work orders and service restoration.

Key Benefits & Features of SaaS2 Help Desk:

  • Improve service productivity with easy automation and first call resolution tools
  • Provide proactive service with email monitoring, auto-ticketing and alert notifications
  • Extend beyond IT support to include HR, Payroll, Facilities and other employee services

Cloud IT Asset Management FrontRange ITSM SaaSSaaS2 Asset Management

FrontRange SaaS2 Asset Management is designed to help organizations take control of hardware and software assets, licenses and the ongoing management of applications on the network. Complete IT asset management solution within a Cloud or hybrid environment

Key Benefits & Features of SaaS2 Asset Management

  • Automated discovery and inventory of all hardware and software assets
  • Software asset optimization with usage tracking
  • Centralized license repository (with automated entitlement validation)
  • Dynamic ‘best-fit’ reconciliation of licenses against installed software


Cloud IT Service Management FrontRange ITSM SaaSSaaS2 Service Management

FrontRange Service Management delivers world class and proven IT Service Management capabilities on a true Multi-tenant platform. Modeled and build specifically for the cloud environment SaaS2 Service Management delivers the most comprehensive solution for the distributed enterprise.

Key Benefits & Features of SaaS2 Service Management:

  • Designed for organizations of all sizes
  • Highly flexible and scalable to meet needs of dynamic and growing businesses
  • Accelerates adoption of best practices and automation
  • Designed for non-technical business users and demanding technicians and analysts
  • Ability to start quickly with SaaS and then migrate to on-premise or SaaS/premise hybrid solutions, to optimally align with changing business needs.

Cloud IT Service Catalog FrontRange ITSM SaaSSaaS2 Service Catalog

FrontRange SaaS2 Service Catalog is a portfolio of service offerings for the entire organization including IT, HR & Facilities, and the like. Users enjoy a shopping-cart-like experience which provided access to all service offerings directly online using the intuitive interface. Users can order all service offerings directly online using the intuitive interface.

Key Benefits & Features of SaaS2 Service Catalog

  • Complete, self-contained, multi-role service catalog system
  • Intuitive, graphical user interface
  • Drag-and-drop workflow designer and engine
  • Integration from front office to back end fulfillment
  • Extensive out-of-the-box service request templates


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