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Ticomix’s dedicated IT Service Management group.

Aptris offers over 15 years of experience in process consulting, training and implementation of leading ITSM solutions such as ServiceNow and FrontRange HEAT. They’ve helped more than 350 clients raise the bar for world-class Service Management solutions, delivering smarter processes and smarter tools. Visit »

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From IT supporting just internal customers, to IT supporting all of a company’s customers, today’s IT infrastructures must adopt a 360-degree view of the customer. This approach must be managed with precision, accountability and ease of access, and nothing can be left out:

  • Integrating IT efforts not just with the business but into the business
  • Incorporating the long-term effects of SaaS and VDI
  • Supporting emerging wireless technologies, smart phones, mobile devices

These aren’t just passing trends, and you don’t want your organization left behind.

From the Service Desk, to utilizing ITIL framework, to IT Asset discovery, to IT Asset lifecycle management—Ticomix will help get your IT Service Management projects done quickly, with results beyond expected.

IT Service Management Product/Software Offerings:

HEAT Help Desk SoftwareFrontrange ITSM
IT service management solutions address the IT support needs of internal employees and external customers and are typically organized around an IT help desk or service desk. Your organization may have different needs than others but they should be addressed with the right procedures and technologies.
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FrontRange IT Asset Management | Discovery 9

Asset Management allows you to comprehensively manage and track all the IT assets in your enterprise. Every organization requires an IT asset management program, whether to simply get a handle on what you own and where it is located, to meet new demands (eg. upgrades), or to meet audit or compliance-related regulations (eg. Sarbanes-Oxley).
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FrontRange IT Voice Integration Solutions
Effective voice integration is the foundation for a cost-effective, customer-pleasing communications strategy. Replace expensive and limited proprietary telephony hardware with standards-based software solutions that optimize equipment choices, deploy rapidly, integrate seamlessly, and easily align with changing business processes, demand, and staffing.
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ITSM Reporting & Analytics | Crystal Reports | Microsoft SQL SRS | SMART for HEAT
Improve business decisions with real-time reporting and analytics. Modern service and help desk activities are increasingly turning to accurate data over outdated opinions, and this relies on delivering critical information quickly and accurately—often “on the fly.”
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IT Service Management Professional Services:

Expert ITSM Consulting | IT Process Management | Service Desk Assessment | ITIL Framework Consulting
From IT Process Management, to Service Desk Assessment, to ITIL Framework Consulting and Training, Ticomix brings all the pieces together in our array of professional consulting offerings.
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ITSM & HEAT Training | HEAT Admin & Advanced Admin Training | ITIL Apollo 13 | Grab@Pizza IT Alignment
With HEAT Admin and Advanced Admin training, ITIL V3 training, plus industry-recognized ITIL and IT Alignment simulation training to improve your IT staff performance, Ticomix is committed to educating you for success.
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