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Reporting, Analysis, and Data Management

Are you looking for an easier way to manage your GoldMine data? Would you like to know how the most successful GoldMine managers do it?

Introducing MasterMine—a cost-effective alternative to manual processes, copying data into and out of Excel, custom reports, dashboards, one-by-one record updating and more.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How MasterMine’s Excel-based tools simplify using and updating GoldMine data
  • How the most successful GoldMine managers handle reporting, drilling down into GoldMine, and mass-updating
  • How to avoid labor-intensive manual processes while effectively handling large amounts of data

…and much more!

GoldBox: Powerful and Simple GoldMine Data Management

Join us for this webinar to learn about GoldBox, and learn why this powerful GoldMine add-on is often referred to as the “GoldMine Swiss Army knife” because of the wide variety of useful tools included with GoldBox. You’ll see a demo of many GoldBox functions, including data import and export, and workflow automation. You’ll also find out how GoldBox can simplify your GoldMine data management by automating important CRM data processes and help you maintain accurate, up-to-date records in your GoldMine system with fewer and far simpler steps.

Introducing GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.2

Be one of the first to see the new GoldMine 2014.2 release! FrontRange Solutions, the publishers of GoldMine, will be releasing the most advanced, full featured release of GoldMine yet. If you have any version of GoldMine and want to see the latest and greatest, this webinar is for you.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • See the much anticipated newly released GoldMine Web Client!
  • Learn about the new features in both GoldMine Premium Edition and GoldMine Mobile Edition
  • Find out about new compatibility between GoldMine and computer operating systems, SQL Server, and other business application software
  • Discover the major differences between the newest GoldMine Premium Edition release and your older GoldMine system
  • Get answers to your specific questions about what GoldMine can do for your organization

GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.2 Overview

In this webinar, you’ll see how GoldMine can centralize your customer and prospect information for everyone in your organization to share and update. Learn how GoldMine can support your sales, marketing, customer service and overall customer relationship business processes, and improve results in all those areas. Also, see the new GoldMine 2014.2 release, the most advanced, full featured release of GoldMine yet. If you are looking for a CRM solution, or if you already have any older version of GoldMine and want to see the latest and greatest, this webinar is for you.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • GoldMine can help you improve sales, marketing and customer support results
  • See a full demo of GoldMine and get your questions about CRM and GoldMine answered
  • Experience the powerful GoldMine integration with Outlook which combines the easy to use GoldMine CRM capabilities with your Outlook email, calendar and contacts
  • Learn about the new features in both GoldMine Premium Edition and GoldMine Mobile Edition (mobile access to your CRM system)
  • Discover the major differences between the newest GoldMine Premium Edition release and your older GoldMine system
  • Get answers to your specific questions about what GoldMine can do for your organization

The New GoldMine Web and Other GoldMine Mobile Options

In this webinar you’ll learn about and see a demo of the newly released GoldMine Web, which is the new internet browser access to your GoldMine system, available in GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.2.

You also find out about other options for using GoldMine while you’re mobile, including options for GoldMine on your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Among the solutions you’ll see are GoldMine Mobile Edition, wMobile and iGoldMine. Learn about the differences among these solutions and find out which ones best meet your specific GoldMine mobile needs.

The Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to GoldMine Premium Edition

Do you have an older version of GoldMine and are looking for more in a CRM solution? Learn how GoldMine Premium Edition can improve your business results through increased efficiency, effectiveness and business intelligence.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Modern, intuitive user interface for quicker ramp up and easier usage—improving user adoption and compliance
  • Customer service module to track your customer issues, problems, complaints and requests
  • Universal search to find anything anywhere in GoldMine, including in linked documents and email messages
  • Dashboards to provide you with real time graphic summaries of important information, including drill down capabilities
  • Outlook integration to support using Outlook for email, calendars and contacts seamlessly with GoldMine
  • Constant Contact integration to provide more efficient email marketing and additional information about your prospects’ and customers’ interests

The GoldMine Usage Guide – Getting More Value from GoldMine

Do you feel you’re not getting enough value from your GoldMine system? Are you unsure about what GoldMine has to offer to help you get better business results? Then this webinar is for you.

In this fact-filled session, you’ll be introduced to a tool Ticomix developed for its GoldMine customers that you can use to self-assess how fully your organization is using GoldMine, and to identify other features of GoldMine that could help your company prosper.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Learn about the 5 levels of GoldMine usage
  • Find out how organizations use GoldMine at each Level of Usage
  • See how some organizations employ Best Practices features of GoldMine to get the most from their GoldMine systems
  • Discover some key features of GoldMine that provide significant opportunity for efficiency gains and improvement in sales and marketing effectiveness

GoldMine on the Go: Using GoldMine on Your Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop

Are you increasingly mobile these days and in need of a way to access your GoldMine data on the go?

Here’s what you’ll discover:

Learn about the various solutions available to access your GoldMine system live from your mobile device when you are away from the office, including:

  • Reviewing and updating your customer and prospect information
  • Managing your GoldMine and Outlook Calendars
  • Sending emails that get linked to your GoldMine contact records
  • Working with your Opportunities and Cases

…ALL from your mobile device!

GoldMine Best Practices: Using GoldMine for Customer Service and Support

Find out how your organization can use GoldMine Premium Edition to provide better support for your customers. Learn about the features of Premium Edition that allow you to track customer issues, complaints, and requests. Hear how “best practices” organizations are using GoldMine to manage their customer service activities and to make sure that customer issues are being resolved in a timely manner. See how the new Dashboards available in Premium Edition 9.0 display valuable information about your pending and resolved customer issues.

Using GoldMine for Leads Management and Follow-Up

Are you putting your leads into your GoldMine system and assigning them for follow-up? Are all of your leads being followed up on a timely basis? Do you know what leads are turning into sales opportunities and eventual sales?

If your answer is “no” or “I don’t know,” then you would benefit from this GoldMine Best Practices webinar.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to get leads into your GoldMine system
  • How to manage and monitor your leads through the sales cycle
  • How to analyze your lead sources to determine which sources are providing better leads (more opportunities and sales)
  • How to set up marketing campaigns based on lead source

Using GoldMine for Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

Do you want to keep better track of your sales opportunities in GoldMine? Do you know the differences between GoldMine Forecasted Sales and the Opportunity Manager?

What you’ll discover:

  • How to keep track of your sales opportunities in GoldMine
  • How Sales Reps, Sales Managers, and Business Owners can better manage their sales pipeline, prioritize sales activities, and analyze sales results
  • How to tell the different between GoldMine Forecasted Sales and the Opportunity Manager, and when to use each
  • How to do sales quotes from within GoldMine or using an optional quoting tool

GoldMine Best Practices: Web Enabled GoldMine (wMobile)

GoldMine on the Go! Learn how you can access your live GoldMine system from any web-enabled device. Review and update your customer and prospect information, manage your GoldMine calendar, and even send emails that get linked to your GoldMine contact records – all from your mobile device. See how wMobile allows you to stay connected to your GoldMine system using the internet. Watch a demo of wMobile in action, and get all of your mobile access questions answered.

GoldMine Best Practices: Outlook Integration With GoldMine

Learn how you can use Outlook with Goldmine Premium Edition 9.0 and above for a complete CRM Solution.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Automatically link Outlook emails to your GoldMine contact records
  • Automatically synchronize your Goldmine and Outlook calendars
  • View real-time GoldMine contact information within your Outlook mail, calendar, and contact screens
  • Navigate directly to GoldMine contact records and other GoldMine screens from within Outlook

Find out how these and other features of the Outlook integration can increase your productivity and give you the information you need when and where you want it.

Advanced GoldMine Integration with Outlook/Exchange Using Riva

Are you looking for a way to integrate GoldMine and your email and calendar system (Outlook/Exchange, Notes and GroupWise) through a direct server integration?

Watch this complimentary GoldMine Best Practices webinar to learn about and see a demo of Riva.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How Riva’s seamless out of the box GoldMine integration features can increase efficiency and productivity
  • How Riva can synchronize contacts and calendar items, and link emails to GoldMine contact records selectively or automatically
  • Riva’s installation requirements
  • The email/calendar platforms that are supported
  • How you can try Riva with a free 15-day trial

Displaying and Importing Financial, Social Media & Other External Data in GoldMine

Do you have external data that you need to get into GoldMine—like spreadsheets, external databases, prospect lists? Do you want to be able to view real time customer financial information from your accounting system in GoldMine? Do you want “Contact Us” information entered on your website to be automatically entered into GoldMine contact records? Are you looking for ways to integrate social media contacts into GoldMine?

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Data Importing Tips & Tricks—The easy way to get data from external sources into GoldMine.
  • Web Form Integration—When a form is completed on your site, have it go straight into Goldmine.
  • Web Page Integration—For example, use Google maps to see locations of contact records—great for appointment scheduling!
  • Social Media Integration—Search sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others for contacts and companies right inside of GoldMine.
  • GM+View Tab Integration with Legacy Databases—GoldMine becomes a portal into external data from Accounting, Transactions, and more.

What’s new in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013/Constant Contact Integration

Are you up to speed with all the latest capabilities of GoldMine Premium Edition, like Constant Contact integration and Office 2013 compatibility?

Here’s what you will discover:

  • How the new Constant Contact integration brings GoldMine and Constant Contact together for powerful email marketing campaigns.
  • How to connect GoldMine to your Constant Contact account to populate GoldMine with Campaign summary information.
  • How to get detailed email response information on Contact records in the GoldMine History tab.
  • How the GoldMine compatibility updates include support for Office 2013 (Outlook, Word and Excel links).

Plus, you’ll be able to ask questions about this newest GoldMine release and the value it can bring to your organization.

GoldMine Best Practices: eMarketing for GoldMine/IntelliClick

Learn how your organization can use GoldMine for eMarketing to generate more interest in your products and services, and create more sales opportunities. Hear how “best practices” organizations are using GoldMine combined with a powerful eMarketing tool, IntelliClick, to manage eMarketing campaigns including the execution and delivery of compelling marketing emails, Find out how you can track who is opening your marketing emails and visiting your website, and how you can get that information into GoldMine to improve your sales results.

GoldMine Best Practices: GoldMine Reporting Overview

Do you have valuable information in your GoldMine system and want to learn how to make better use of that information through reporting and analysis? In this webinar, you’ll learn about the various options you have for developing reports and analyzing that valuable information. These options include the GoldMine Report Writer, Crystal Reports, and SQL Server Reporting Services. Also, see how you can generate ad hoc reports from various GoldMine screens. Find out how the new Dashboards module in GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0 can provide real time graphical views of all types of data—such as activities, sales pipeline, and customer service issues—with drill down and dynamic reporting capabilities.

GoldMine Reporting and Analysis with MasterMine

Learn how this powerful and easy to use reporting and analysis tool can provide you with efficient and effective GoldMine CRM reporting and business analysis. See how MasterMine can also be used to help you manage and clean up your GoldMine data. And find out how MasterMine can be used to provide reporting with QuoteWerks.

GoldMine Reporting and Analysis with Stonefield Query

Learn how you can use Stonefield Query for user-friendly report writing, querying, and data mining with your GoldMine system. Find out how Stonefield Query provides intuitive Business Intelligence capabilities even for those without technical backgrounds; give your sales people, administrative staff, and management the ability to take advantage for the wealth of information in your GoldMine system.

Integrating GoldMine with your Accounting System (GoldBook)

Are your GoldMine users able to see relevant customer financial information in GoldMine? If not, find out how GoldMine can be integrated with your Accounting System to provide financial summary and transactional data within your GoldMine screens. In this webinar, you’ll learn about various import and real-time integration options. You’ll also see a demo of GoldBook, the popular add-on product that links GoldMine with QuickBooks. Learn how GoldBook and other accounting system integration can provide visibility to financial transactions and synchronize contact information to eliminate double entry.

Sales Quoting with GoldMine and QuoteWerks

If your organization generates sales quotes and proposals, you’ll want to attend this informative webinar about best practices for sales quoting with GoldMine. Find out how you can use GoldMine, combined with QuoteWerks, to efficiently produce professional looking quotes and proposals. QuoteWerks can be integrated with GoldMine not only to generate quotes, but to automatically create forecasted sales and schedule follow up calls in GoldMine. QuoteWerks also automatically links the quote document to the contact record for later reference. Join us for this webinar to see a demo of QuoteWerks, a powerful GoldMine add-on product that can streamline your quoting process and enhance your sales forecasting capabilities.

Integrating GoldMine with your Phone System

Would you like your staff to be able to make or receive more phone calls in a day? We think with the right software you can double your call productivity. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to increase efficiency in your office by integrating GoldMine with your phone system.

You’ll also discover FrontRange Solution’s Voice comprehensive telephony solution. You’ll also see a demo of the newly updated DialPad solution for TAPI, VOIP (SIP) and Skype. DialPad provides a fast and efficient interface for automating outgoing call (Click-to-Dial) selection and processing. We’ll demonstrate the newest DialPad feature, “Caller ID screen pops,” which provides automatic navigation to the caller’s GoldMine contact record when an incoming call is received. Find out how your organization can benefit from using GoldMine integrated with your phone system.

The New GoldMine Mobile Edition – GoldMine on your iPad and iPhone

See the just-released new version of GoldMine Mobile Edition. This FrontRange Solutions product allows you to easily see and update your GoldMine customer and prospect information in real time on your iPad and iPhone device. This webinar will include a discussion and demo of the capabilities of GoldMine Mobile Edition, including how GoldMine mobile access can increase productivity and effectiveness.

Linking Your Email Messages to GoldMine Contact Records

Having the email messages that you send to and receive from your customers, prospects and others linked to their records in GoldMine is very useful. Being able to see a history of all of your interactions with those you deal with in business helps you manage relationships and communicate more effectively. And having the emails along with calls and appointments in history gives you the complete view of your interactions. In this webinar, we’ll review the various options you have for linking emails sent or received through email clients outside of GoldMine, such as Outlook and gmail. We’ll demo some of these options, and discuss how emails can be either automatically or selectively linked to GoldMine contact records. You’ll have the opportunity to ask about your email environment and your best choices for setting up email linking.

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