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Unity Data Collection Suite—Gather critical data simply, quickly and accurately using barcode technology.

Reduce keystrokes, improve accuracy of collected data.

The Unity Data Collection Suite utilizes bar code technology to simplify the accurate collection of data critical to the flow of your business. Unity is designed to let you you select the modules you need the most, but also to easily expand in the future. From work-in-progress to time and attendance data, Unity brings it all together.

Unity Shop Floor Module

The Shop Floor Module integrates tightly with the ALERE Manufacturing system. It utilizes the External Posting features of the ALERE Manufacturing Order module to import transaction data. This is a great way to employ bar code technology to handle the collection of both labor and material transactions for ALERE Manufacturing.

Additionally, the Shop Floor module handles all of the native ALERE Manufacturing transactions or can be configured to run as a stand alone shop floor data collection system.

Unity Time Module

The Time Module is a time and attendance system which supports ABRA Payroll, ACCPAC Pro Series, and ACCPAC VisionPoint payroll products or can operate stand alone. Unity Time creates an external posting file for the purpose of posting payroll data into the payroll software.

For companies that have opted to outsource payroll processing, Ticomix can work with your payroll service company to provide them with time and attendance data electronically. This can eliminate the difficult and time consuming task of transferring that information to the service provider.

Unity Inventory Module

The Inventory Module has been designed to compliment the ALERE Accounting System’s Sales, Purchases and Inventory Modules, facilitating inventory data collection through bar code technology. Printing item labels complete with bar codes is a breeze with the Unity Inventory Module. In addition to printing product labels, Unity Inventory users can process item transfers, receipts, issues, shipments, and post physical inventory counts. The Unity Inventory Module posts inventory transaction data directly into the ALERE data tables.

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