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ALERE Manufacturing Software—Seamless modular capabilities.

Exceeding your expectations.

ALERE Manufacturing includes all the functionality that you might expect in a sophisticated manufacturing package. What you might not expect are the carefully designed “extras” that make ALERE such a great fit for your business.

An example of one of those “extras” is the material list on a work order can which can be edited to add new components, change quantities, delete unneeded items, all the while keeping the inventory allocations up to date.

The ALERE product has been designed to work in a variety of environments from made-to-order to made-for-stock. The industries served include aerospace, plastic products, sheet metal, automotive and many more.

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A modular solution.

ALERE Manufacturing is a modular solution which allows you to pick and choose the modules which are right for your business. ALERE Manufacturing offers the following modules:

  • Manager – Housekeeping functions of the product such as rebuilding indexes, user maintenance (security), screen and report modification tools, and inventory look-up.
  • Order – Used for creating work orders, printing work order travelers, and posting transactions for work orders.
  • Route – Handles material routing and instructions which can be tied to a Bill of Material (BOM) for use on work orders.
  • Machine – Defines the capacity of the manufacturing facility and helps with the machine maintenance.
  • Schedule – Develops a production plan for processing work orders through a manufacturing facility.
  • Plan – Extends the capabilities of the MRP planning and can plan work orders based on need, order points, etc.
  • BOM – Responsible for bills of material and for the material requirements planning (MRP) process. The module also manages material orders for small jobs that only require a material list and simple back flushing capability.
  • Cost – Responsible for estimating and tracking the costs associated with the manufacturing process.
  • Configuration – Sales Order Configurator Available for ALERE Accounting or Sage Pro Series Accounting.

Key Features of ALERE Manufacturing

  • Lean Manufacturing: Close the gap between material planning and finite scheduling. The MRP reports allow you to synchronize your production schedule with your material requirements. Lean manufacturing at it’s best.
  • Graphical BOMs: Build entire indented bills from the top down on one easy-to-navigate screen. Lower level bills are generated automatically. Add sub-assemblies or components anywhere in the bill structure and see them instantly. Saves hundreds of hours and enables you to visually see all the relationships.
  • Modular BOMs: Compress hundreds of bills into just a handful by using Modular Bills. Include choices right in the structure of the bill to eliminate the need for unique bills for every feature or option in a product. Greatly improves the accuracy of the bills and simplifies the construction and maintenance of even the most complex products.
  • MRP: Any date range, bucketed or bucketless, synchronized with your production schedule, and much more. No more tedious running of MRP for each level in a bill. Do your entire planning from sales orders to purchased raw materials in just one pass.
  • Configurator: Use just one BOM to define multiple finished goods configurations. This allows each work order to have a route and a list of materials based on the configuration you select for the product. You can even use just one part number to make an item multiple different ways. When used in conjunction with the Sales Order Configurator in ALERE or ACCPAC accounting it can become a powerful tool for your sales staff.
  • Finite Scheduling: Fast forward or backward finite scheduling to the nearest hour or minute! You can even select the time of day for the scheduler to start. Supporting 3D graphics allow you to see the loads on your floor by item, customer, work order, or work center.
  • Transaction-Based Manufacturing: Capture every step of the manufacturing process with transactions utilizing a barcode data collection system like Unity Data Collection Suite. Know the actual labor that goes into each job. Allocate fixed and variable overhead to the products being manufactured. Account for overages and shortages. Post finished goods to inventory before the entire job is done. Transactions are key to achieving ISO certification.
  • Customization: The advanced table-driven architecture of ALERE allows you to make modifications easier and faster than any other package. Best of all, the changes that are made can be brought forward to new product releases. That preserves your investment.

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