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Empower your team with the most robust CRM on the market, with extensive add-ons, full customizations and industry-leading ROI.

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Cloud-Based or On-Premise CRM Solution.

Simple, quick to deploy and easy to learn. SugarCRM is the most cost-effective solution in the browser-based CRM landscape.

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HEAT help desk ticketing software

A full-featured, out-of-the-box support solution, HEAT is an affordable, easy-to-use help desk application, among the industry's lowest TCO. Explore HEAT ►


FrontRange Solutions IT Service Management

FrontRange ITSM's modular, pre-integrated set of 9 modules allows you to choose the functionality your business needs now and add more later. Explore ITSM ►


FrontRange SaaS2

Cloud-based, ITIL-certified Service Management solution. Experience Service Management that’s cost effective, efficient and simple to get started. Explore ITSM SaaS2 ►


ServiceNow cloud help desk ticketing service

ServiceNow is a leading provider of cloud-based services designed automate enterprise IT operations. Explore ServiceNow ►

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Networking, Network Hosting, Data Backup & Disaster Recovery.

Technology is not just a cost of doing business but an enabler to achieve a competitive advantage. With an industry-best backup & data recovery service, managed IT services and key vendor partnerships, Ticomix can give YOU the advantage. Learn more ►


Bulletproof Data Backup & Recovery
Bulletproof 2.1 Backup & Data Solution ► More than just backup, it's a total computing solution.

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ALERE Accounting & Financial Software ►

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Custom Software Development ► Professional requirements analysis, database design, implementation—PC & web applications.

Reporting & Data Analysis ► Microsoft SSRS, Crystal Reports, MySQL, FoxPro and other reporting & analysis tools.

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Premier Certified Cisco Engineering, Sales & Support.

Successful businesses run on Cisco & Ticomix


Successful businesses around the world run on Cisco.

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» ALERE Accounting and Financial Software

ALERE Accounting & Financial Software

ALERE Accounting and Financial Software—Intuitive and fully integrated.

Make day-to-day processes easy.

ALERE has a broad range and depth of features that make it extremely appealing to a wide variety of businesses. Since day-to-day processes are important to running your company, the design of ALERE has focused on making them as easy as possible.

ALERE Accounting's modular design packs a lot of features in just a few modules. Having fewer modules than the competition means not only lower cost, but also a more inuitive, user-friendly interface.

ALERE Accounting & Financial Software screenshot

ALERE offers the following modules:

  • Manager - Encompasses all system wide functions such as bank reconcilliation, user maintenance (security), screen and report modification tools, code maintenance, and tax codes.
  • General Ledger -Users can print financial statements, manage their chart of accounts, and make journal entries.
  • Sales - Combines all of the sales functions into a single module. From order entry, to shipping, to invoicing, and right through to the cash receipt the sales functions are contained here in this module.
  • Purchases - A combination of what other systems would commonly call Accounts Payables and Purchase Orders—conveniently in one single module.
  • Inventory - An impressive array of features including: serial, lot, and trait tracking; mass shipping; multiple locations support and warehouse transfer orders; and up to two images can be linked to each item to give users a graphical representation of the actual item.
  • Configuration
  • Multi-Currency

ALERE comes in both a LAN and CS edition. The LAN edition includes the database engine (Microsoft Visual FoxPro) whereas the CS edition is a client server product which utilizes the Microsoft SQL Database Server.

Key Features of ALERE:

Automatic Period Closing: No more late evenings or wasted weekends making closing entries and releasing batch postings to the general ledger before you are ready to operate in the next period. Or, what is even worse, having to deal with a computer crash during a closing process!

Shipping and Invoicing Can Be Independent: Orders can be shipped without being invoiced and vice versa. Of course users still have the option to ship and invoice at the same time.

Pending Orders: Create all types of orders in sales and purchases without releasing them live! Queue up orders and release them as needed! Save partially completed orders and finish them later without throwing them out and starting over! Pending orders makes it easy to review orders before they are accepted!

Single Point of Information (SPI): One company table is used for both customers and vendors. This means a customer can be both a customer and a vendor at the same time. Imagine creating payables directly from a credit memo!

Line Types: Each line on a sales order may be set as a Sale, Return or Credit. Each line on a purchase order can be set as a Purchase, Return or Credit. Eliminates all the extra work and costs of creating and processing multiple orders to achieve the same results!

Customization: The advanced table-driven architecture of ALERE allows you to make modifications easier and faster than any other package! Best of all, the changes that are made can be brought forward to new product releases! That preserves your investment!

GL Postings: The GL journal entries are handled in real time. See the actual GL journal entries that go with anything you do in ALERE right from the GL Posting Tab of each screen. Immediately verify that the transactions are correct! No more wasting time trying to track down a problem on an invoice a month later! Go right to the source!

Graphs: The Executive Advisor and Sales Graphs provide a graphical look at your companies financial position. Chart your sales progress in real time right on your screen.


Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to see how ALERE Accounting & Financial can give your business the competitive edge, we'd like to offer a FREE initial consultation to help you out! Included in the initial consultation are:

  • Software strategy discussion with an ALERE expert.
  • Complete needs analysis and recommendation of project scope.
  • Free, comprehensive quote tailored to your organization's needs.

Call us anytime at 779-423-6200 to discuss ALERE options, or click the button below to set up your free initial consultation.

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